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Brief history:

Anesthesiology and Intensive Care department of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine was founded at 1967 and first department chair appointed was Prof. Dr. Halit Ziya Konuralp who, at that period, also functioned as chair of the Department of General Surgery. Later he was replaced by Dr. Faruk Or, Ass. Prof.  Anesthesiology. Dr. Cemalettin Öner, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, joined the department in the following years and became the department chair at 1971 as he advanced to professorship. At that time, department employed three faculty- two as university lectors and one as a staff anesthesiologist- and nine residents.

The period from 1971 to 1988 witnessed great developments in terms of building departmental infrastructure, organization and modernization with Chairman Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Öner. He founded the first critical care unit of our faculty at 1971 and further developed that unit to become the most distinguished intensive care unit of that era. Besides providing graduate and postgraduate academic anesthesiology, critical care resident, nurse and paramedical staff education, the department also succeeded in getting a library. Following retirement of Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Öner at 1988, a former student of him- Prof. Dr. Kutay Akpir -was elected as chairman of the department. Kutay Akpir has retired at 2009 after 21 years of exemplary department management. His retirement has succeeded in the election of Prof. Dr. Lütfi Telci.After his retirement in 2009; Prof. Dr. Lütfi Telci was elected as the chair. Prof Telci was retired in 2017 ; the new chair since that time is Prof Dr Mehmet Kamil Tuğrul.

Our department has an experienced team of faculty with supporting organizational infrastructure and prides in establishing the first in-patient pain clinic of the country at 1990. In the same year, Pain Medicine and in 2005 Intensive Care Medicine have become sub-departments of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine department. The department provides medical service to 40 in- and out-patient surgical rooms and approximately 27000 patients per year. Intensive care unit has 21 beds and treats 1000-1200 patients/year. Pain clinics  treats appr. 3000 in- and out-patients /year.

Furthermore, department faculty is responsible in management of Neurosurgical Intensive Care, Emergency Surgical Intensive Care and Orthopedics Intensive Care Units. Department has also appointed an anesthesiology preoperative clinic primarily dedicated to provide anesthesiology consultancy for out-patient surgery since 1990.    

Architectural plan of the clinic

The clinic is widely spread and well integrated inside the university hospital complex. It includes 6 different buildings with 40 operation rooms, 5 intensive care units, a pain medicine ward and numerous remote locations for various interventional procedures.


>Anesthesiology Department

>Pain Medicine

>Intensive Care Medicine


Head of Department: Prof Dr Mehmet Kamil Tuğrul

Head of Section or Sections:

Pain Medicine: Prof. Dr. Gül Köknel Talu

Intensive Care Medicine: Prof. Dr. Figen Esen

Training staff: 8 Professors , 7 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 8 staff anesthesiologists

Residents: 58

Fellows: 8 in Intensive Care, 6 in Pain Medicine

Nurses: 45

Health-Technical staff: 6 Lab workers, 15 Anesthesia Technicians

Other medical staff: 53

Annual number of surgical procedures: 21716

Annual number of interventions: 5000

Annual number of patients evaluated in outpatient clinics: 16000

Annual number of patients evaluated and treated in Pain Medicine outpatients' clinics: 2600

Annual number of patients admitted to Pain Medicine wards: 350

Annual number of patients admitted to ICU: 1200

Own laboratories and/or operating room

Operation rooms: 40

Intensive Care Unit: 21 beds

High Dependency Unit of Trauma Center: 10 beds

High Dependency Unit of Neurosurgery: 5 beds

High Dependency Unit of Orthopedics: 5 beds

General out-patient clinic (every working day)

Consultations from external clinics (every day)

Graduate and Medical Education

The Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care is responsible for the education of medical students in different phases of their education.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation education is provided for the medical students during their first year.

Two lectures about artificial airway and basics of artificial ventilation is given by our department to 2nd year medical students.

3rd year medical students take oxygen therapy, blood transfusion and arterial blood gas analysis  lessons  from our department.

Basics of anesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine is part of core curriculum   of 5th year medical students. These students receive 21 hour lectures and 5 day hands-on practice in operating rooms, intensive care units and pain clinic. This curriculum is repeated every six weeks for new students.

Training curriculum for the residents

Residents are provided with a 5-year detailed training programme, a handbook for beginners, an annual education programme, and a logbook.

The Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Residency program lasts five years. This duration includes rotations in other clinics such as Cardiology and Pulmonology,

The weekly Clinical Training Meeting (A resident and staff joint meeting held on Wednesday mornings that includes seminars, ideas for improvement, and theoretical and practical education)

Journal club (once per month)

Seminars (theoretical and practical lectures on wednesday, and critical incident, morbidity-mortality, case scenario/discussion... meetings on thursday mornings)

Weekend courses (Difficult airway management, Peripheral nerve blocks and cadaver, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Trauma, Mechanical and one-lung ventilation)

Daily lectures and discussion of preoperative visits at each rotation

Resources for training (material and immaterial) (eg.)

Medical library with trained librarians for the faculty

Medical library for the department

Access to international scientific journals (both printed copies and electronic) and textbooks at the department

Personal computer rooms

Meeting / seminar rooms

Barcovision / laptops

Toilet / bathroom

Residents’ room (TV / table and chairs / couch / refrigerator / tea-coffee machine / water dispenser / lockers / washbasin)

Archives rooms for patients’ files

Conducted Certification Programs

Postgraduate Training Courses and Congresses accommodated by own Department

The department organizes monthly lectures open to all anesthesiologists named Anesteziİstanbul.

Number of international publications during the last 5 years

Costs and revenues for the residents (eg)

Training (5 years) of anesthesiology residents at the faculty is cost-free. External course / congress / symposium are usually sponsored. Turkish residents are paid a monthly salary by the Turkish government. Foreign residents are also officially employed but their salaries are provided by the university.

Accreditations (eg)

Our clinic has ESA accreditation since 2015, and reaccreditation visit was successfully completed in October, 2019.

Programme headings applicable to foreign fellow (3 month period) : None

Programme headings applicable to foreign fellow (6 month period) None


As Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, our mission is to cultivate highly qualified consultants of anesthesiology, critical care, and pain medicine, to provide top quality health service to patients, and to encourage scientific activity that leads clinical pathway.


As Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, our vision is to nationally become the most prestigious center, and internationally to reach a distinguished status in providing scientific research, training consultants and state-of-the-art health service. Our indispensable values are the devotion to scientific and ethical principles, the respect of patient autonomy and rights, and the encouragement of individual initiatives with a cooperative team effort.


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